2022 Topps Gold Label Baseball Hobby Box

2022 Topps Gold Label Baseball Hobby Box

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Product Description:

Each Box Contains One Framed On-Card Autograph!

Framed on-card autographs, legendary player relics, genuine gold nuggets, and a loaded base card checklist with three levels of rarity are among the highlights of 2022 Topps Gold Label Baseball.

Boxes will contain one framed on-card autograph card and multiple limited base card parallels.

New in 2022, framed gold prospect autograph relic cards feature on-card autographs of the freshest young talent in MLB, including Wander Franco!


Each card in this 100-card base set gets three different versions to collect, with each version receiving five different parallels. The base set is composed of retired greats, sought-after rookies, and current MLB stars.

Base Version
Class 1
Class 2 - 1 per pack
Class 3 - 1:2 packs

Black Parallel
Class 1 - 1:2 packs
Class 2 - 1:6 packs
Class 3 - 1:20 packs

Blue Parallel
Class 1 - #'d to 150
Class 2 - #'d to 99
Class 3 - #'d to 50

Purple Parallel>
Class 1 - #'d to 99
Class 2 - #'d to 75
Class 3 - #'d to 35

Red Parallel
Class 1 - #'d to 75
Class 2 - #'d to 50
Class 3 - #'d to 25

Gold Parallel
Class 1 - #'d 1 of 1
Class 2 - #'d 1 of 1
Class 3 - #'d 1 of 1

Framed Autograph Cards
- Black Parallel - #'d to 75 or less
- Blue Parallel - #'d to 50 or less
- Red Parallel - #'d to 25 or less
- Gold Parallel - #'d 1 of 1 or less

Framed Dual Autographs
- Base version - #'d to 10 or less
- Black Parallel - #'d to 5 or less
- Gold Parallel - #'d 1/1

Auric Framed Autographs
For those who love gold. Printed on gold foilboard, with gold frames, and gold-ink on-card autographs. Limited to 25 or less

Golden Greats Framed Autograph Jumbo Relics
On-card autographs paired with jumbo-sized game-used relic pieces on a framed card. Base version numbered to 50 or less.
- Black Parallel - #'d to 5 or less
- Gold Parallel - #'d 1/1

NEW! Framed Gold Prospect Autograph Relics
Featuring the freshest young talent in MLB on framed cards with oncard autographs and genuine gold nuggets. Numbered to 10 or less.

MLB Legends Relic Cards
Greats of the game paired with game-used uniforms or bats. Base version numbered to 50 or less.
- Black Parallel - #'d to 5
- Gold Parallel - #'d 1/1

Gold Prospect Relic Cards
Real gold nuggets are linked with the most collectible MLB rookies and young stars. Base version limited to 25 or less.
- Black Parallel - #'d to 5
- Gold Parallel - #'d 1/1

7 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

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